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Why a robe makes for the perfect gift

It was my birthday last week, and it got me thinking of what would make for a perfect gift. 

Sometimes gifting is easy-peasy and you know exactly what to get for that special someone. But at other times, gifting can be downright hard. You could spend a while trying to find the perfect gift or it could leave you completely stumped. Don’t get me wrong, you might know this person well and would want to get something perfect, but there are so many things to consider. 

The solution is a  gift that ticks a few boxes, just to stay on the safe side! Now, I may be biased but I think a robe makes for the perfect gift. Here’s why: 

  • Simple sizing 

Sizing for yourself can be hard as it is, let alone figuring it out for someone else. So if you’re looking to gift some fashion it may be easier to opt for something that has simple sizing. Robes, dressing gowns or bathrobes are intended to have a looser fit. For this, they generally tend to come in simple sizing. Our robes come in small - medium and medium - large and our handy size guide  and fit notes by style can help you figure not only the right size but also which design might be best suited. 

  • Feel good gift 

Our robes are made with self love in mind. It's made to be a reminder to fill your own cup in a world where the pace can sometimes knock you off your feet. So if you know someone who is a hard worker or spends a lot of time caring for others (people with kids, I’m looking at you), it can be the perfect gift to help them relax and unwind. 


Leopard print collection

  • So many ways to use them 

Sure, robes are the ultimate loungewear and is just magnificent for those days and nights for melting into your couch.  But it also makes for the ideal beach cover up, duster jacket, casual cover up and can be a great alternative for a kimono or kaftan. So it’s really one gift with many uses. Win win!

  • To be used throughout the year 

A robe is an item that goes beyond a season or trend. It's an item that has stood the test of time. Our robes are made with luxe blended fabrics making it the soft layer in spring, a coverup in summer, breezy in the autumn winds, and snug for winter coziness. No matter where they may be, or where they plan to be, a robe will definitely come in handy. 

Pastel Paisley Collection 
  • A long time gift 

I like to give gifts that last. They make for great stories and memories for relationships that have stood the test of time. If you are after one, our robes are made with quality in mind from the material used down to its french seam finish. The lucky giftee will cherish it for years!

  • Unique

Our robes are made with exclusive prints in limited batches. In other words, unless you and your bestie coordinate outfits the chances of seeing someone else in the exact same robe is pretty slim. It makes for a truly unique gift which will end up being a wonderful surprise.


So if you’re after a gift for your mum, sister, friend, girlfriend, grandma, or partner a gorgeous silky robe may be the one. 

Added bonus: we can make it one step easier and include a gift box with personalised handwritten note for your loved one. Extra brownie points for you!

Need more reasons to buy a robe? check out the lookbook gift guide.


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