Robe Therapy by Chaanya working behind the scenes developing robes in australia white magnolia robe, red tropical robes

About Us

Women's robes that make you feel like the absolute Queen you are. From self-care sunday to frantic friday, our silky robes are a reminder to focus on you.

That is what we strive to do at our core.

Australian small business

Based in sunny Queensland, Robe Therapy was born on a simple premise. To create a versatile robe that will allow you to express and focus on yourself while enjoying a bit of luxury in the everyday moments.

Robe Therapy is built on the essence of self-love and self-care.

Girls loungin around in the backdeck with red tropical short robe, white magnolia midi robe, leopard print short robe with mimosas

Lounge to street

We believe robes should not be limited to the bedroom and that is why our robes encapsulate classic designs with purposeful and exclusive prints on luxe fabrics. Our all-rounder robes will blur the lines between loungewear, casualwear, streetwear, pool cover ups, or an additional layer for a night out on the town. 

robe therapy catch up with bestie in robes with leopard prints

Self-care reminder

We want all those that wear our robes to have a reminder in their day-to-day lives of the necessity to care for self, at home and wherever life may take you. For this we have crafted our robes with great care to ensure comfort, purpose and luxury. We hope by sharing our thoughtfully created pieces with you, it in turn supports you along your journey of self love.  

Pink Lotus robe lounging with tea on the deck

Founder Story

Hey you, it's me Chaanya!

Few years ago I found myself growing aimless with an increasing feeling of disconnect from myself. It was hard to place and identify at first but it increasingly felt like I was heading nowhere, doing nothing meaningful and growing increasingly anxious. Not ideal I know! I constantly asked myself WHYYYY? Why do I feel like this? Little did I know the answer I was looking for was staring me right in the face - I needed to spend more time on me.  I launched on a personal intent to focus more on self-care and self-love. Overused fuzzwords, I know, but at its core critically important. 

What I realised was that we easily focus more on work, family and just trying to be day to day that we forget to fill our ‘cups’. In my mind everything else was a priority but myself. But in reality, very few of those priorities existed which led me to see that the more I do for myself, the more I can do for others. 

A robe is an everyday luxury that I have with me while I appreciate those small day to day moments. From drinking a cup of tea to reading a book or even going out for brunch, wearing a robe was a gentle reminder of filling my own cup. And so Robe Therapy was born because I wanted to share with other women the need to listen and care for yourself. I hope that by sharing our robes with you and others around you, it will be a constant reminder to be you, love you.

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