Robe Therapy by Chaanya working behind the scenes developing robes in australia white magnolia robe, red tropical robes

Robe Prints

Australian designed premium satin robes in exclusive prints, suitable for luxurious lounging, statement pieces, bridal parties and memorable gifts.

Abacos - The Red Tropical

Here’s a bit of history behind the tropical print. Inspired by the Bahamas, the tropical banana leaf pattern was first designed in 1937, California.It became synonymous with Hollywood thanks to celebrities (think Margaux Hemingway, Narciso Rodriguez, Rachel Weisz, Claire Danes) being photographed in front of it in famous hotels like the Beverly Hills Hotel.

We have appreciated some of the foliage on our print such as the Banana leaves, monstera deliciosa, and sago palm by naming it Abacos - an island on the Bahamas where they can be found.

Our robes with the Abacos print are designed to give you ultimate island getaway vibes. With deep red tones running through the print and a belt to match, the fierce Abacos robes are perfect for evenings out, poolside lounging or special nights at home [wink, wink, nudge, nudge]. To strike a balance between sexy and feminine, in the most effortless way possible, this never misses the mark.

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”

Nelum - The Pink Lotus Print

Lotus or as it is known in Sri Lanka, Nelum, grows in deep mud away from sunlight and slowly rises to the surface to blossom into the flower we see. It will repeat this process by submerging itself every night into the murky waters, only to bloom again at dawn looking perfectly clean. For this reason, the flower has symbolised spiritual enlightenment, awakening and rebirth in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

The physical aspects also contribute to the meaning behind the lotus. The many layers of petals that gradually unfold until it fully blooms revealing a yellow centre symbolise personal progress while the tough conditions in which it grows signifies perseverance.

Our designs with Nelum are for those working on themselves while persevering with strength. It will act as a reminder of the progress you have made. Both designs featuring Nelum have contrast white detailing that complement the flowers. With delicate pink, white and green hues, the print can be paired with light casual styles.

“Be like the lotus. Trust in the light. Grow through the dirt. Believe in new beginnings”

Magnolia - The Pink Magnolia Floral Print

The Magnolia is a grand old flower with fossil records showing it to be the first flowering plant, existing even before bees did. While it is named after a French botanist, records indicate findings of the plant long before, in China. The flower which has evolved to be pollinated by beetles has petals that are extremely tough and a plant that lives for many years, symbolising resistance.

Throughout its history the Magnolia has signified beauty, nobility and dignity. However, its symbolism also changed through the course of history based on the myths and stories that surrounded it. The Magnolia is a flower that blooms boldly, looking soft and subtle from a distance yet strong in structure, encompassing femininity and gentleness.

Robe therapy’s designs featuring the Magnolia are simplistic ones highlighting pink flowers along with blue hues. They are ideal for easy breezy days lounging around or as an easy addition to an outfit outside of home.

“We are tender and fierce. We are soft and strong. We are fragile and courageous. Sometimes all in one day.”

Leopard - The Pastel Leopard Animal Print

The Leopard or Panthera Pardus can be found widely distributed in sub-saharan Africa, a small part of Western and Central Asia, European Russia and on the Indian subcontinent. It is a truly majestic animal, covered in ‘rosettes’ that is unique to each individual.

The pattern was, unfortunately, first made familiar by leopard skin in the 1960’s. At the time, it denoted wealth, power and sophistication. Since then, leopard print has become far more popular, enabling an appreciation of the rare animal from a distance.

The leopard print has remained evergreen through the years and has been worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Diane Von Furstenberg and Michelle Obama. It's interesting to note that a pattern that allows the animal to blend in, was worn by its fashionistas to stand out. It's been known to signify independence, confidence, sexuality and nonconformity, depending on the nature of the clothing or accessory.

With our Leopard print, we incorporated pastel tones broken up by warm yellow and teal, to add a modern, fun spin to the normally traditional print. It makes an ultimate statement piece that is also easily matched with your favourite outfits.

“Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts to happen.”

Boteh - The Pastel Paisely Print

From Persia to the catwalk, this familiar print is one that has scaled the ends of the earth and adorned people of many cultures. From its origin in Persia, the boteh or buta is thought to represent a spray of flora combined with a cypress tree. Its travels through the east ultimately landed it in Europe, in the Scottish town of Paisley which ultimately gave it its name.

The love for paisley grew dramatically in the years of free love as fashion and music began to reflect a cosmic influence. It was further epitomised by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. John Lennon even had a Rolls Royce covered in paisley!

Our designs with Boteh or Pastel Paisley print are perfect for the travellers, the lovers and gentle souls out there. The tones of sunshine, lilacs and tangerines in Robe Therapy’s paisley print can easily be paired with casual outfits, making it perfect for the sunny days out. Or stay in planning your next getaway. The choice is yours.

“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of, it’s yours”