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Care Instructions

We want you to have your robe for a good time and a long time. Here are some handy dandy care instructions to keep your robe in tip top shape.

The ideal wash for your robes is by hand using cool water. Just make sure that you do not rub your robe. But because we hear you scoff and say “who’s got the time for that?!”, the next best option is to cheat and use the hand wash cycle on your washing machine. If your washing machine is now looking at us with scorn, wash your robe on a sloooow, gentle cycle in cool temperatures. 

If you have a wash bag, do use it! It protects that robe from damage, and prevents the belt from getting entangled with other clothes. 

Please keep bleach and harsh chemicals away from your robe.

Always remember washing 101, wash with like colours. 

Now that your robe is nice and clean, it’s time to get it dry. 

Once it’s out of the water, do not wring your robe. Doing so, will stretch out your robe unnecessarily and create creases. 

It’s tempting to pop the robe in the dryer, but for your robe that’s a big no-no. 

The best way to dry your robe is flat in the shade, away from harsh sunlight. If you’re limited for space, you can also use a hanger.

Your robe is not going to respond well to high heat, so do not iron on high heat. If you really have to get rid of any creases, use a cool iron setting and iron it out on the reverse. 

Better yet, if you have a garment steamer, use it on your robe. It will get rid of any creases quick smart!

Steam hack? Hang your creased robe up in the toilet while you’re taking a long steamy shower. The creases will disappear, just like magic!

Keeping your robe on a hanger will ensure its shape is maintained with minimal creases. 

Don’t forget your robe for your next holiday. Just roll it up and store with other clothing items. 

For quick care instructions, refer to the care label attached to your robe.

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