Robe Therapy by Chaanya working behind the scenes developing robes in australia white magnolia robe, red tropical robes

Brisbane Luxe Markets

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Robe Therapy at Brisbane Luxe Bridal Markets

Brisbane Luxe Bridal Markets

Robe Therapy was front and center at the Brisbane Boho Luxe & Bridal markets. To-be brides, bridesmaids and bride tribes had the opportunity to browse through our exclusive bridal and bridesmaid robes collection for their special day.

They loved that the robes had a unique personality that added to the extravagance of the wedding day and getting ready photoshoot.

Brisbane Luxe Bridal and Bridesmaid Robe Collection

Bridal and Bridesmaid Robes

Elegance, style and luxury combined in our bridal robe collection for the perfect keepsake robe. Check out our bridal robe lookbook for inspiration.