Robe Therapy Gift Unboxing and Video Reviews

Unboxing with @stylingwithzee

[Volume on] Love me like you do - Ellie Goulding's lyrics got us in the feels. We love seeing Zeljka opening up our robe gift box, giving us all the feels of lounging on a rainy weekend with a book and a cup of tea.

What’s more? You can opt for one of our exclusive gift boxes to add the cherry on top for your gift with a luxe unboxing experience.

"The box smell absolutely beautiful"

You don't hear that everyday do you? Tasheena, our lovely mothers day giveaway winner says the box smells absolutely beautiful. She is loving the floral print and will definetely put the washbag with the robe to a good use.

Feel good and look good in our premium satin wrapped in a silky robe. It is your self-care reminder to fill your cup before others. 

Fashion expert review

Elizabeth Formosa, expert and mentor from Fashion Equipped says "print was what attracted me initially but when my order arrived I absolutely adored the luxurious handfeel of the fabric and the relaxed versatile fit is what has me wearing a robe again for the first time in years".

Read the full article - Fashion Equipped Expert and Mentor, Elizabeth Formosa shares her thoughts on Robe Therapy

Sydney lifestyle mum loves leopard print

Sydney lifestyle mum Andrea, loves a good leopard print and our Nia Midi Robe

Andrea says "I absolutely love my robe, the silky luxe feel, with its vibrant leopard print is next level sensational. Robe Therapy push the boundary between bedroom/lounge and streetwear with their robes, which is one of a kind"