Fashion Equipped Expert and Mentor, Elizabeth Formosa shares her thoughts on Robe Therapy

Fashion Equipped Expert and Mentor, Elizabeth Formosa shares her thoughts on Robe Therapy

Based in sunny Queensland, Robe Therapy was born out of a personal intent to focus more on self-care and self-love. My goal was to create a versatile robe that will allow you to express and focus on yourself while enjoying a bit of luxury in the everyday moments. Competing in a sea of bigger corporate fashion businesses, we wanted to make sure the quality, versatility and value of our robes stood out and aligned with our goal. 

Enter Elizabeth Formosa from Fashion Equipped, who has created an Industry Mentor led online learning programme, community and support network for designers, fashion brands and entrepreneurs to launch and build successful fashion businesses.


Start Your Fashion Business by Fashion Equipped

Start Your Fashion Business (SYFB) by Fashion Equipped is the much needed business and industry catalyst for startup fashion businesses. We were urged by our SYFB mentors to think end-to-end customer experience beyond the value of our robes. From the time our customers come across our robes to the unboxing experience, their mentorship helped us understand the whole of brand value we can provide to our customers. 

In designing our premium satin robes and dressing gown collection, we paid special attention to the premium luxe fabrics and unique prints. We also focussed on the simple yet must have features like in-seam pockets for convenience, removable belts for versatility, inner ties comfort, and french seam finish for longevity. SYFB mentors encouraged us to think about the differentiation we bring to the market to stand out within the loungewear and casualwear market. 

With over two decades of experience spanning the fashion industry, the knowledge base Elizabeth has accumulated and created in the areas of product development, sales, sourcing, brand building, marketing and strategic planning was invaluable for the progress and development of Robe Therapy.


"Well done, Robe Therapy"

In showing her support to the community within the Fashion Equipped program, Elizabeth was also one of our very first customers. She loved our red tropical foliage print and snapped up our Rhea short robe


Elizabeth added, “Absolutely loving my Rhea short Robe.

The print was what attracted me initially but when my order arrived I absolutely adored the luxurious handfeel of the fabric and the relaxed versatile fit is what has me wearing a robe again for the first time in years!

Well done Robe Therapy!

We absolutely love seeing our customers in their lovely robes and the positive words they share with us absolutely light up our days. It is especially notable when we get such great feedback from our Start Your Fashion Business mentors and the community.

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