Long maxi robe doubles up as a duster jacket

Long maxi robe doubles up as a duster jacket

Duster jackets or the duster coats are one of the most versatile garments in fashion as you can wear it over pretty much anything. The light version of the trench coat is taking up Australia by storm which is easily paired with outfits during winter days and chill summer nights. But we have its sibling rival the printed maxi robe.

Robe Therapy's Maxi Robes are as long as a duster jacket, light as a Kimono and effortless like a silk robe. With a butterfly sleeve, fine trimmings and french-seam finishes, these maxi robes exudes luxury and comfort. 

Styling maxi robes as duster jackets

It comes in two different prints with peaceful pink lotus and romantic red tropical, to be dressed down for lounging and dressed up for promenading. For styling, the maxi robes can be worn with jeans and boots or even a pair of stilletos for a fancier night out. It can also be easily paired with shorts and sneakers for a sunny day out. Maxi robes are the perfect duster jacket for the brisbane winter or the unpredictable melbourne summer. 

Check out our walk through of the Butterfly Sleeve Piped Maxi Robe below.  


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