RT x DAWN Collection

Timeless designs have been paired with classic prints for our RT x Dawn Collection.

Abacos Print

Some of the foliage on our Abacos print may draw the eye with familiarity. This is because the tropical print has well and truly made a statement in fashion. We add a sultry twist to the normally pastel prints to take you to balmy, romantic nights on an island getaway. Our Abacos print is designed to bring the gateway to you and is available in long and short designs. 

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Leopard Print

Its pattern that allows the animal to blend in but has been used by fashionistas to stand out. Our Leopard print appreciates the delicate rosettes of the majestic cat from a distance. We have incorporated pastel tones broken up by warm yellow and teal, to add a modern, fun spin to the normally traditional print. It is designed for those that are not afraid to make a statement while chasing their dreams. It is available in midi and short designs.

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Pink Magnolia Print

In the world of flowers, the Magnolia is the first. Through the years it has shown true resilience and so our Pink Magnolia print is designed for those that face life’s challenges head on. Although simplistic in its white backdrop, the Pink Magnolia makes a statement with rose hued flowers and blue tones leaves. The Pink Magnolia will do perfectly for breezy spring days. Pink Magnolia is available in midi and short designs. .

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Nelum Print

A delicate but a magical flower is paid homage to in our Nelum print. This delicate print is an attempt at replicating a lotus pond in full bloom with white and pink flowers set on a glossy pink backdrop. The print appreciates the perseverance of the flower and is designed keeping in mind all those that journey towards an awakening. Nelum is available in long and short designs.

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Boteh Print

A classic print with a light, breezy and modern twist. Our Boteh print features a beautiful pastel paisley in tones of sunshine, lilacs and tangerines set on a silky white backdrop. Boteh was inspired by the travellers, the lovers and gentle souls out there and is perfect for daytime lounging and late afternoon picnics. Boteh is available in a midi and short designs.

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