Self-care sunday lounging in a pink lotus with green leaves robe with a tea and a good book

Perfect gift for lounging in luxury


From self-care sunday morning cover-ups to getting ready dressing gowns, Robe Therapy is the luxe lounge-to-street robe for everyday you.

Robe Therapy was born out of the essence of self-love and self-care. We want all those that wear our robes to have a reminder in their day-to-day lives of the necessity to care for self at home and wherever life may take you. For this we have crafted our silky satin robes with great care to ensure comfort, purpose and luxury. We hope by sharing our thoughtfully created pieces with you, it in turn supports you along your journey of self love.

Robe Therapy by Chaanya working behind the scenes developing robes in australia white magnolia robe, red tropical robes


Timeless designs have been paired with classic prints for our RT x dawn robe collection. Soft pastels, hues of pink and deep reds give a stylish edge allowing you to move seamlessly from lounging to going out and everything in between.

When you come across an item you love, we believe it should not be limited in its wear. That is why we are striving to blur the lines between lounge and casual, giving you a statement piece that you can take from the bedroom, to lounge, to on holidays and in everyday life out and about.

Why a robe makes for the perfect gift

Why a robe makes for the perfect gift

It was my birthday last week, and it got me thinking of what would make for a perfect gift. 

Sometimes gifting is easy-peasy and you know exactly what to get for that special someone. But at other times, gifting can be downright hard. You could spend a while trying to find the perfect gift or it could leave you completely stumped. Don’t get me wrong, you might know this person well and would want to get something perfect, but there are so many things to consider. 

The solution is a gift that ticks a few boxes, just to stay on the safe side! Now, I may be biased but I think a robe makes for the perfect gift. Here’s why. 

5 things I packed in my hospital bag and actually used

I have never stressed out more about packing a bag. There was a list, there was reading into what I will need, YouTube videos, and an open bag left in the guest bedroom that I kept chucking things into. 

From all the things I took I found a couple of items extremely useful and what I might call must-haves. If I was to repack I would definitely include them. 

5 things I packed in my hospital bag and actually used

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