Dopamine Dressing, Lounging in Happiness

Dopamine Dressing, Lounging in Happiness

Dopamine dressing is set to take on the fashion scene in 2022. It’s the idea of wearing clothes with the intention of boosting your mood. 

After a few years of struggles, being stuck in our homes and being away from loved ones and our little planet still going through some difficulty, people feel like they have lost control of what’s around them. But we humans always try to seek out some fun and happiness. Thankfully, our clothing and attire is something we can directly control and through it bring a positive influence into our lives.

So what is dopamine? 

I won't unleash my inner psych on you but in short it's a neurotransmitter; a chemical messenger. Amongst its many functions, when released in large volumes can create feelings of  pleasure and reward. 

How is it related to how we dress? 

There are many ways through which our dress can affect our mood such as colour, feel and level of comfort. Essentially its happy clothing. 

While the trend of dopamine dressing has taken over runways and street style, it's a ‘trend’, I believe will live on. Because if what we wear can make us happier, more confident and make us feel well overall, then why not?

It’s also a concept that shouldn't be limited to runways and catwalks. Let’s up our dopamine while we’re at home, running out to the shops or out for dinner. Here are some ways you can use robes to up your dopamine levels. 

A vibrant print 

At Robe Therapy, we are all about the prints and colours. Our Duchess print has got to be our loudest and boldest of them all. With vivid zebras set on an electric blue background on a maxi length robe it has all the feel good vibes! 


The luxury feel 

So it's no secret that we love a luxe feel. The softness and silky feel is our top point of feedback from our customers and once you try them on, I have no doubt you will feel the same. Feeling good in the clothes we wear is so important and that goes down to the actual touch and feel of the material. 


The meaning behind the robe 

Robe Therapy was born from and is driven by the idea of self love. From the structure of the robe, to the material, the print and it's versatility. It's all been created with the purpose to drive self love and care. Dopamine dressing is not only the external look and feel of the clothes but also the story behind them that makes you feel good. 


A print with a story 

Going off the previous point, the prints behind our robes also have a story behind them. One of our customer favourites is the Nelum print. Inspired by the lotus flower that grows through muddy waters to bloom at the sight of sun every morning it symbolises personal progress and  perseverance.



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