Kimonos, Kaftans and Robes - What is the difference?

Kimonos, Kaftans and Robes - What is the difference?


Kimono is an iconic and a traditional Japanese garment, when translated it means ‘Something to wear’. Kimonos are typically hand-sewn into ‘T’ shape from unique silk fabric tied with a belt. Similarly, with African and Middle eastern origins, Kaftans (sometimes spelled as ‘Caftans’) are lightweight dresses that hang loosely on the body. Evolved from both the kimonos and kaftans, Robes are the western adoption of the lightweight outer garment to envelop you in luxury and comfort. 

In the Japanese culture, Kimono is a formal garment similar to that of wearing a gown, formal dress or a suit. Not every robe can be called a Kimono as it is steeped in cultural symbolism. Often the aesthetic of a Kimono reveal the style, personality and background fo the individual wearer. Traditionally Kimonos are full length (long) with a single colour pallet and glossy material to signify the formal occasions. You will find that more westernised Kimonos now incorporate different colours and different lengths to accomodate to different preferences. These days Kimonos are worn indoors as loungewear clothing items. Check out below one of our favourite Kimono brands. 



On the other hand Kaftans are brightly coloured and embellished with patterns and embroidery. Many kaftans are long, with varied sleeve length and hang loose and away from the body. Kaftans can be dressed up for the evening and dressed down for lounging or running errands. Check out the Kaftan below 



Boosted by the hotels and spas, Robes are now a commonplace for everyday women and men to enjoy the luxury and comfort at home. Inspired by both Kimonos and Kaftans, Robes can be incredibly useful in wearing with loungewear outfits as well as casualwear outfits. Combined with style and convenience, premium satin robes can provide the ultimate luxury experience to laze around or the fashion statement to stand out. I find that robes are no longer limited to the bedroom, and can be styled with any going out outfits to add a bit of glamour. Check out some of our satin robe and dressing gowns options. 


In short, midi and maxi lengths, all our robes and dressing gowns are designed for versatility and longevity. Use as getting ready robe, lightweight duster jacket, pool side cover up, fashion accent piece or as bridal party robes, the choice is yours to incorporate a bit of everyday luxury to your life. 



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