Why a Maternity Robe is a must have for pregnancy and beyond.

Why a Maternity Robe is a must have for pregnancy and beyond.

Being pregnant. It’s something that no amount of reading up on, watching videos of or hearing stories of could prepare me for it. Silly me thought once I had made up my mind about wanting to get pregnant that would set the tone for me being pregnant. Boy was I wrong! 

Since finding out I was pregnant in December last year, time has seemed to move at a very fast pace. At the same time, with all the changes that my body and mind had gone through since then, it seems like that day was so long ago now. Because pregnancy is a whole new learning curve that your body and mind goes through. You start to understand and see yourself in a different way. It's also physically quite a ride, and for me, so far, it has been up, down, roundabout all over the place. Through it all, I have noticed that my favourite robe has been a constant companion when de-stressing and relaxing. 

In the first trimester 

Once the initial excitement of finding out I was pregnant died down, The ‘morning’ sickness (more like whole day sickness) hit me hard. My first trimester was marred with constant feelings of nausea, tiredness, headaches and an overall sense of feeling low. 

In those days all I wanted to do after a day at work was to get home and slip into something that wasn't restrictive - and a robe was the perfect option for me. The silky fabric was cooling and comfortable in the warmer months and the luxe feeling made me feel a bit better at the end of a long day. A bonus for me, were my Powerpants. They gave me the much needed reminder, that I've got this! A robe with its ability to quickly get on and off also helped with the constant panicked runs to the bathrooms and set the tone for a 2-minute noodle kind of night. It was all I could stomach!



In the second trimester 

The heavens opened up, took pity on me and it all took a turn for the better. The second trimester was a much better one in comparison to the first. I felt more like myself and the nausea and headaches faded away. I also felt like I had more energy which meant I wanted to venture out on the weekends to parks, markets and lunches. 

A robe gave me that extra layer over a casual outfit. On sunny days, it kept me covered up while also keeping me cool. On breezy days it gave me an extra layer to work with. And at the start of the second trimester when I didn't look quite as pregnant and more like I had been going at the buffet a bit too much, it acted as a bit of a coverup to ease my conscious mind. 



In the third trimester 

Aaaand we are back on the couch. The third trimester is when I’m beginning to feel the weight of being pregnant. Between the stretching, round ligament pain and soreness in the pelvic area, the clothes seem to get tighter and tighter. Enter my trusty robe, that still managed to get around me. 

I still love wearing my robe out and about as much as I love wearing it at home after a long day. When feeling big and sore gets to me, wearing something I feel good in, both in terms of comfort and looks makes a big difference. 



The big event!

I know I will be packing my robe in my hospital bag. Many women opt for a delivery robe during labour and their stay at the hospital as it is easy to get on and off. It's also a great option for recovery and breastfeeding and will become a nursing robe. I know having that pop of colour will perk me up!

In the fourth trimester 

Seeing how much I have used my robe throughout my pregnancy, it will remain a constant in this final trimester too as a nursing robe. I'm just envisioning myself in a messy bun, blurry eyed and wearing my milk-stained nursing robe!


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