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Wealth in everyday luxuries. Here’s my top 6.

What I might have named a luxury in 2019 is not what I would consider one to be now. The year that must not be named (2020!) has taught me to appreciate the everyday luxuries. Those that I might have otherwise taken for granted. It has given me a valuable lesson in taking a look around and appreciating the existence around me. The joy of taking in those luxuries at a more lazy pace. I had a sudden appreciation of the time that I had to myself as opposed to the frantic rush of aiming towards betterment.

With this (and much to my husband’s pleasure), I have also learned to be more frugal. To appreciate for longer what I have around me. It has helped me balance the never ending endeavour for accumulation and stimulation. 

Here is my list of everyday luxuries:

1. A quality cuppa in the mornings

I am a tea girl through and through and have deep appreciation for a strong brewed quality cup of tea. There is something therapeutic about steeping a pot of tea first up in the morning. The smell of a freshly brewed cup amongst the peaceful quiet that looms is heaven. On the occasional morning, when time allows, my tea and I would take it a bit slower, lounging outside on the balcony with a robe on, listening to the world waking up around us. 

2. A candle and some tunes in the early evenings 

My soul hums with joy when I light a candle and watch the flame come to life. I would sit there for a couple of minutes appreciating the warm glow it brings. My favourite to date have been the Woodwick candles. The crackling wick soothes the soul! Pair that with some Indie tunes and I am set. 

The ultimate Friday night in combo includes a robe, a few candles, a glass of wine, and some comfort food. Ahhhh, Queen of my castle I say!

3. A balanced diet and exercise on the regular

I am a foodie. I love food and sometimes even think I workout to enjoy delicious meals. As time has gone on I have also come to appreciate how good I feel when I have balanced meals and get in some exercise throughout the week. I have come to find a balance where instead of depriving myself of the food I love, I limit the quantities or find better alternatives. 

I have never been the sporty type so my exercise is from the sessions at the gym. Oddly this has become somewhat of a habit. I say oddly because I detested it. I still don't enjoy it but I know I will feel better for it. All of this gives me that luxury of walking past a mirror and appreciating what I see. No, not because I went down a dress a size, but just because I feel good. 


4. Cooking whenever I can 

I know, I can picture some of you gawking at me. Cooking helps me de-stress. Sure I don't cook every night but when it’s needed you can find me in the kitchen, robe on, kitchen towel on my shoulder, cooking up a storm. I am appreciative that I can find the time to do so.


5. Quality over quantity as a lifestyle

We live in a society of abundance. Missing something? I’ll just get another. Forgot something? The shops should have it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of quantity over quality. It's something that hit me hard. Why do I have so many THINGS? As a consequence I have an appreciation for items that are reliable and of good quality. It is a focus we have also placed on our robes too. 


6. Show care and understanding as much as possible

Taking those around you for granted is something you may not even realise. And I’m not referring to those that live with you. I am referring to those at work, in your apartment block, on the street, in the bus, your family overseas. If anything, this year has hopefully taught all of us the need for compassion and care. Appreciate the other humans, don't forget the luxury of a smile or a hello.

So step back from whatever device you are reading this from and look around you. It was when I was poor in stimulation around me that I saw the riches that surrounded me. We do tend to take for granted the value that surrounds us. The rituals that nurture but have now become an unconscious habit. It’s time to appreciate our wealth in the everyday luxuries. 


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