5 things I packed in my hospital bag and actually used

5 things I packed in my hospital bag and actually used

I have never stressed out more about packing a bag. There was a list, there was reading into what I will need, YouTube videos, and an open bag left in the guest bedroom that I kept chucking things into. 

I had so many questions on what I would need. 

How long will I be in for?

Will I be able to get someone to bring things from home should I need it?

Am I over packing?

Am I underpacking?

Will these clothes fit?

Despite all the prep I did, we still ended up needing extras from home and the chemist. It just goes to show that when it comes to babies, and bringing them into the world it's hard to stick to the plan sometimes. 

From all the things I took I found a couple of items extremely useful and what I might call must-haves. If I was to repack I would definitely include them. 

1. Robe 

I wore it before, during and after for one simple reason: it was easy to put on and get off. When moving and bending don't seem do-able, the robe was my friend. It’s a must have for pregnancy and beyond. 

Okay bonus reason: I also felt great in it. In those sleepless nights when you want to hold on to the last morsel of feeling a little bit put together and not a complete wreck it helped.

2. TENS Machine

My TENS machine from Bliss Birth was an absolute lifesaver. I had not heard about TENS before. I used it in the days leading up to my hospital stay for some mild cramping and had it right next to me in the hospital. 

3.  Disposable underwear

Ain't no shame - I lived in these for the first two weeks. It saved having to change a pad all the time, having to go through so much underwear, and actually felt super comfortable. Get yourself a pack (or two!)

4. Comfy PJs or an oversized t-shirt

Past me made such a good decision when she bought oversized PJs and a t-shirt. It's what I spent the nights in and when my body was still in recovery mode and very sore from the ordeal the soft baggy feel was very much welcomed. 

5. Paw Paw ointment 

Those hospital aircons ran dry and cold plus my nipples were getting used like never before. Good ol’ paw paw ointment helped calm and soothe. 

So if you’re yet to pack your bag, make sure you include these goodies! You will thank yourself later.


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